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  • QSD2067
  • QSD2066
  • QSD2065
  • QSD2063
  • QSD2062
  • Cream Jar
  • Acrylic Jar

    PETG Jar

    PP Jar

    As Jar

    PS Jar

    Aluminium Jar

    ABS Jar

    PET Jar

    Airless Jar

  • Q7701A 3ML 5ML 10ML 15ML 30ML 50ML 100ML

    QS1007 15ML

    QS1045C 30ML 50ML

    QS1099 50ML

    QS1003J 50ML

    QS1058B 15ML 30ML 50ML

    QS1105 15ML 30ML 50ML

    QS1038D 5ML

  • Lotion Bottle
  • ABS Lotion Bottle

    Acrylic Lotion Bottle

    PP Lotion Bottle

    PET Lotion Bottle

    PETG Lotion Bottle

    PE Lotion Bottle

    As Lotion Bottle

    Silicone bottle

    Aluminium lotion bottle

  • QS2039C 15ML 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML

    QS2018G 30ML 70ML 200ML

    QS2018B 15ML 30ML 50ML

    QS2048 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML

    Q7916 15ML 30ML

    Q7980K 100ML 120ML 135ML 150ML

    Q7980R 30ML 50ML

    QS2105 15ML 30ML 50ML 100ML 120ML

  • Airless Bottle
  • All Plastic


  • QS3020L 15ML 30ML

    QS3052C 30ML

    QS3037B 10ML*2 15ML*2

    QS3030E 5ML

    QS3053B 30ML 50ML

    QS3101 30ML 50ML

    QS3030F 30ML

    QS3056 15ML 30ML 50ML

  • Perfume Atomizer
  • Aluminium



  • Q8019C 5ML 8ML 10ML 12ML

    Q8026 5ML 8ML 10ML 12ML 15ML 20ML

    Q8019D 5ML 8ML 10ML 12ML

    Q8036 1ML 1.5ML 2ML 3ML

    Q8015A 12ML

    Q8025 10ML

    Q8007 5ML 20ML 40ML 80ML

    Q8009 5ML 20ML 30ML

  • Roll on bottle
  • Plastic


  • Q8011B 15ML

    Q8011A 5ML 8ML 10ML 12ML

    Q8060B 30ML 50ML

    Q8060A 50ML 75ML

    Q8060C 30ML 50ML

    Q8060D 75ML

    Q8060E 50ML

    Q8060F 50ML

  • Makeup Containers
  • Metal Lipstick Containers

    Plastic Lipstick Containers

  • QP-LP-004S 4ML








  • Cosmetic Tubes
  • tube

    Round Flip Top Tube

    Round Screw Cap Tube

    Oval Tube

    Lip Gloss Tube

    Nozzle Tube

    Pump Tube

    Other Tubes

  • Q8230 10ML 15ML



    Q8270 30MM 35MM


    Q8273 35MM

    Q8242 30MM

    Q8211 30MM 35MM 40MM

  • Components
  • Lotion Pump

    Spray Pump

    Foam Pump

    Trigger Sprayer

    Dispensing Closure

  • QA001 18/410

    QA003 24/410

    QA004 20/410 24/410

    QA005 20/410

    QA006 20/410

    QA008 17/410

    QA009 18/410

    QA010 20/410

  • Others
  • Dropper


    Travel Set


  • QS2069H 8ML

    QS2069J 8ML


    QS5001C 15ML

    QS2069F 20ML 30ML 50ML

    QS5001D 90ML

    QS5001G 15ML 40ML 50ML

    QS5001B 57ML

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    Nephoria by BASF Care Creations
    Liquid Foundation Bottle by East Hill Industries, LLC
    Flexible Metallization and Enahnced Deco Effects by Anomatic Corporation
    Bulgari Man Wood by Verescence
    Eurofragance Saw Turnover Soar in 2018
    e.l.f.'s Results Point to More Challenges Ahead
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    IFF Details Green Efforts With 2018 Sustainability Report
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  • QS1080
    ( 50ML )
  • QS2080
    ( 100ML 150ML )
  • Ceable core airless makeup bottle Q8163
    ( 15ML )
  • Slanting Shoulder Cream Jar QS1111
    ( 15ML 30ML 50ML )
  • Slanting Shoulder Lotion Bottle QS2111
    ( 15ML 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML )
  • Transparency top & rounded bottom jar QS1110
    ( 20ML 50ML )
  • Bottle with sunroof & rounded bottom QS2110
    ( 60ML 100ML )
  • Tottle airless bottle QS3030F
    ( 30ML )
  • Deodorant QS5001C
    ( 15ML )
  • Dome-shaped lotion bottle QS2038
    ( 40ML 130ML 160ML )
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  • Slanting Shoulder Cream Jar QS1111( 15ML 30ML 50ML )
  • Slanting Shoulder Lotion Bottle QS2111( 15ML 30ML 50ML 80ML 120ML )
  • Transparency top & rounded bottom jar QS1110( 20ML 50ML )
  • Bottle with sunroof & rounded bottom QS2110( 60ML 100ML )
  • Tottle airless bottle QS3030F( 30ML )
  • square lotion bottle(suit for 3D print deco) QS2050( 30ML )
  • Jar with spatula embedded QS1007( 15ML )
  • Lotion bottle with Embedded shoulder QS2018G( 30ML 70ML 200ML )
  • both spray and lotion pump bottle Q7985E( 100ML )
  • wide-angle fine mist spray pump Q7985D( 110ML 130ML )
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